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Oh Whale Cross Stitch

A finish!

It feels like I’ve been working on this one for ages, but it’s only been a few months; although to be fair, I grew and birthed a human in between starting and finishing, so it’s been a busy few months.

I feel like this expression applies to so much in my life right now. Everyone is wearing pajamas all day long? Oh whale. We haven’t left the house all week? Oh whale. As soon as one baby is asleep, the other one wakes up? Oh whale.

See what I mean?


I picked up this pattern by Hands on Design at Must Stitch Emporium (in Paducah, Kansas) a couple years ago, and shopped my stash for fabric and floss. Eventually I’ll find a way to display it, but for now it’s been added to my growing pile of stitched-but-needs-to-be-finished projects.

A few of my favorite progress pics:









Ta da!

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