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Halloween Crafts!

I don’t go all out decorating for every holiday, but I love an easy craft… and with a few days left until Halloween, most of these can be done with stuff you have around the house and plenty of time to spare!

This year I have a toddler and a newborn, but most of these projects come from my archives… yes, I made holiday crafts when I was a twenty-something with no kids in my life; it’s fun!

Here’s what we added to the roster this year:

Handprint Pumpkin Patch

Amelia loves painting, especially if it involves her handprint (we haven’t quite ventured into footprints but that would blow her mind). So we made a simple pumpkin patch and got Jon in on the action with his first art project! I added each of their names to the vines.



Ghost Painting

Among Amelia’s other art from the painting session, I knew this one would make a cute group of ghosts by adding a few eyes and mouths with a sharpie. Sometimes it feels like I don’t have any time to be creative, but doing these simple crafts with Amelia reminded me how much fun it is; adding the finishing touches was a nap time well spent!

This year I brought out a few favorite decorations (most of them are linked below) but my favorite spot in the house is this little collection of handmade art. I love pulling out the same things every year and adding something new too.


I scoured my archives to round up some past Halloweeny crafts (so please forgive the photography). Happy Halloween!

Cursive Skeletons

I found this idea in an old Mailbox magazine from my teaching days, and couldn’t resist a craft afternoon in San Fran. Every year, this is one of my most popular posts!

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

Toddlers will love the spray bottle of water, and you will love the no-mess window decorations!

Trick or Treat Cross Stitch Cube Finish

Ok, this certainly isn’t a two-day craft project, but I love bringing it out every year!

If you’re new to cross stitch and want a quick holiday project, A Little Boo by Lizzie Kate is super cute!

Here they are side by side!

Pumpkin Patch photo banner

Foam shapes + string + clothespins = a super easy and adorable photo display. I made this one for Amelia’s first birthday and hung wallet-size photos of her monthly pictures, but it would also be a cute way to display photos from past Halloweens!

Giant Modern Cross Stitch

Spiders, Skulls, and boo! Oh my… these posters made the cross-country move and I’ve found a place for them every year, no matter where we are! Super easy 30-minute project – all you need is poster board, needle, and thread.

Hexi Table Topper

Another project that might take more than a weekend to complete, depending on your sewing skills, but English Paper Piecing is a super easy hand sewing technique and great for keeping your hands busy while watching TV. Make a few in seasonal fabrics and you have a table topper to last all season!

I made this is 2012 and bring it out every single year!

Reversible Bunting


Gotta love bunting!  Halloween fabrics on one side, Thanksgiving on the other side… 2-in-1 lasts all season!

Spider Web Cupcakes


The Amateur Librarian // Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

I don’t do anything fancy when it comes to baked goods, but these look pretty cute with no effort at all!

Patchwork Pumpkin Wall Hanging/Table Topper

One year it was a wall hanging, the next year a table runner in the dining room, this easy runner always brings some fun to the house. Lots of crazy novelty prints make up the patchwork pumpkin and string blocks.

If you need a super easy work-appropriate costume, look no further than Rosie the Riveter!

All you need: chambray shirt, red fabric or handkerchief, & lipstick!  And be prepared to show off your guns all day long, of course 🙂

Mother of Dragons Costume

I hesitate to even call this a costume, but if you’re a Game of Thrones fan, here’s a super easy peasy mother/chid costume: put baby in a dragon onesie and buy a $7 t-shirt for yourself! I also found a long silver wig to wear while passing out candy on Halloween night, but for a super basic costume, just the t-shirt does the trick.


Cheers to a spooky Halloween!

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