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Lady Katie Stitchery is Open for Business!

Lady Katie Stitchery is back!

Lady Katie Stitchery

I took a hiatus from my Etsy shop after Jon was born, but now that the holiday season is upon us, I’m open for business again. I love to make cute accessories for hand stitchers; after making them for myself, I just couldn’t stop! Right now I have magnetic needle minders and grime guards for sale in my shop, but I have plans to make more accessories soon (and some day, patterns and kits too!).

And just in case you’re unfamiliar with the world of hand stitching accessories, a needle minder is a magnet that you can attach to the fabric of your project that will keep your needle in one place. You can choose a new needle minder for every project (one of my favorite parts of starting a new one!) and no matter how long you go before picking up your WIP again, the magnet will never leave marks and you’ll never lose another needle again!

My mom would also like me to mention that these could also work as magnetic brooches or pins! All of the flair and none of the holes from a pointy pinback in your shirt, purse, or jacket! 😉

A grime guard protects your project if you’re using a hoop, Q-snap, or other frame to keep the fabric taut. When you hold the frame in your hand, the excess fabric that isn’t on the frame can get dirty over time. Until I started using a grime guard, I had no idea how grimy my fabric was getting… it can take several months to complete a cross stitch project, and by that time my grime guard is always in need of a wash!

I hope that was helpful!


To celebrate, please check out Lady Katie Stitchery here and use code SHOPSMALL for 20% off any purchase!

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