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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2019!

I’m happy to keep the bar low this year: Amelia doesn’t want to wear a costume? Good thing it’s rainy today and she loves her ladybug rain jacket.

A friend gave me a Where the Wild Things Are onesie but we don’t have a copy of the book? Print out the book cover and fold it over another book.


I haven’t even thought of a costume for myself? I’m in the official SAHM uniform: striped tee, cozy cardigan, black leggings, and underage bags. Just add a Starbucks cup!

There’s no way we’re doing a coordinated family costume this year (or any year?) but I love seeing other family costumes on social media. I guess the trick is to enjoy it without feeling guilt that I just don’t have the energy to do the same.

Since it’s Thursday, here’s a #TBT look back at the past few years of Halloweens!


2017 vs 2016

And this one makes me a tiny bit weepy:


We plan on handing out candy for trick or treaters tonight, rain or shine. Hope you have a happy Halloween!

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