Craft Chat

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Checking in with another peek at my current works in progress.

Oh Christmas Tree cross stitch

So, so close… maybe next week I’ll have a finish!

Sewing Again

My sewing machine is out of storage and ready to go again! I don’t have a big project in mind yet but I’ve been working on a couple small projects.

First, a new pillow cover for the couch. The old pillow was getting dingy but didn’t have a cover, so this was a quick upgrade. I had this plaid fabric from a misguided attempt at making a blanket scarf last year, but I think it looks much better as a pillow.

My little helper was fascinated (for about 3 minutes)!


I used another scrap to sew up a little planter cozy for the dining room table.

Finally, a little nap mat for Amelia’s doll. Super simple, with a terrycloth pillow attached. Amelia sat on my lap while I mended a hole in a shirt, so I agreed to make something just for her.

Next up is a couple quilt blocks for a guild project. And then maybe I’ll be ready to think about starting a new quilt, we’ll see!

That’s all for now!

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