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Cheers to 2020!

Happy New Year!


2020 is my fifth year in a row of choosing a word for the year instead of making specific resolutions, and it’s still working for me. I can look back at the words for each year and remember where I was when I started the year, even if life had a way of changing the meaning of the word by the end of the year. I have high hopes for 2020!

A look back…

2016: Settle

2017: Savor

2018: Grow

2019: Let Go

My word for 2020: Be Present

It’s so hard to be patient when my days veer between chaos and tedium from moment to moment, with hardly any time for myself, but I’m going to try my best to stay in the moment, just the way it is, and be present for this life. The days may be long indeed, but the years keep passing by more and more quickly. This phrase doesn’t really go along with a specific set of resolutions, but more of a general theme for the upcoming year.

To me, Be present means…

Less multitasking, more focus

Less social media (and other mind-numbing scrolling), more putting the phone down

Less wishing the day away, more sitting on the floor and playing

Less time dwelling on negativity (however justified), more counting my blessings. I’m so tired (and frustrated/overwhelmed/insert negative emotion) so frequently, and I want to give myself permission to feel my feelings, but then move on with the reality of the present moment (and drink another cup of coffee).

And now to look back on the word I chose for 2019: Let Go

Whew, that phrase has been pretty spot-on! I tried to keep it in mind often as I went through pregnancy in the first half of the year, with the birth of Jon being the major event in July, and adjusting to life with two kids in the second half of the year. Life is good, but it’s better when I can “let go” of unrealistic expectations or unnecessary pressure during so many transitions.

Here’s what I had to say one year ago:

I have some big life changes coming up this year that I know will be equally challenging and rewarding, so I’ve been searching for words that put a positive spin on “low expectations.” I pondered “balance” or “peace” but I honestly don’t know if those words will be achievable; I just want to give myself grace this year to do the best I can. Also, Amelia is currently obsessed with the song “Let it Go” so that’s just one more reason that it’s stuck in my head!

A few thoughts on what Let Go means for me:

  1. Let Go of unnecessary obligations and unrealistic expectations. Enough said!
  2. Let Go of shallow affirmations like numbers or likes. Sometimes social media participation can be a great motivator or place to share, but life isn’t always picture-perfect and that’s OK to acknowledge. I also need to give myself permission to do things just because it’s what I feel like doing (or reading or posting) without the external motivation of likes on social media or stats on my blog or Etsy shop.
  3. Let Go of control and focus on the present. Always difficult, always a worthy pursuit! I know there will be plenty of times in the coming year when the items on my To Do list will be accumulating more rapidly that I can check them off, but I hope this phrase will remind me to slow down and (try to) enjoy the moment.

Are you making resolutions this year?

Whether you are or not, I hope 2020 brings you peace and light.

Cheers to the new year!


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