Chit Chat

Six Months with Jon

Jon is six months old! Per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Six Months Old   Likes: eating meals with the family, smiling and laughing, wiggling, dancing, kicking and splashing in the bathtub, watching big sister and other kids Dislikes: getting boogers removed, waiting to eat Sleeping patterns: 3 naps a day about… Continue reading Six Months with Jon

Craft Chat

WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Sharing another peek at my current works in progress. Improv Curves I want to refresh the art hanging in our living/dining room but I’m challenging myself not to spend any money & make it myself! I’ve been wanting to do some improv curves again ever since Jayne (@twiggyandopal) taught a workshop at guild… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

Chit Chat

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Every Friday I share five highlights from my week, big or small, as a reminder to stay grateful. I’m off kilter thanks to the holidays falling in the middle of the week for two weeks in a row, but finally getting back to normal routines again, including blogging. So today I’m covering the… Continue reading High Five for Friday

Book Chat

Favorite Books of 2019 (and what I read in December 2019)

Wow, another year in the books! 2019 was a bit of a blur, but aren’t they all? This year I read 32 books, which happens to be how old I am: maybe next year I’ll make it to 33! I’m so glad I keep up with this blog so I can look back and see… Continue reading Favorite Books of 2019 (and what I read in December 2019)