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No Mess Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! Here we are and I haven’t done anything for the holiday other than the bare minimum for preschool (add some valentines to the grocery pickup order + find the same sock hop dress from last year!) and clean the house for a play date we’re hosting tomorrow. If you need a… Continue reading No Mess Valentines

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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I’m checking in with another peek at my current works in progress. Music City MQG 2020 Sampler Quilt The center of the medallion is done (with a little help from my friends)! Unfortunately I’ll have to miss the February guild meeting but I’m looking forward to the next part of the pattern. So… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Seven Months with Jon

Jon is seven months old! Per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Seven Months Old Likes: eating new foods, sitting up and splashing in the bath tub, watching big sister all day, wiggling and dancing Dislikes: when Mama leaves the room, getting boogers removed, napping longer than 45 minutes Sleeping patterns: 3 naps… Continue reading Seven Months with Jon

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Reading Life: January 2020

January kicked off a great start to my reading life in 2020! It’s always nice to have a fresh start – of course there are the usual goals like moving more, drinking more water, cooking more often, etc. – but of all the healthy habits, making intentional time for myself is one of the most… Continue reading Reading Life: January 2020