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FREE Cross Stitch Pattern: Stay Home

We are currently living in surreal times, and my little family is so, so fortunate to be able to stay home and practice social distancing right now. It’s hard not to feel helpless in the midst of this pandemic, but of course the crafting community has done its part to help. Many sewers are making… Continue reading FREE Cross Stitch Pattern: Stay Home

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Eight Months with Jon

Jon is eight months old! Per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Eight Months Old Likes: crawling EVERYWHERE!, babbling, getting messy at mealtime, watching Amelia, dancing to music Dislikes: getting cleaned up after meals, teething, congestion Sleeping patterns: 3 naps a day (sometimes two), finally sleeping in his own room, but sick so… Continue reading Eight Months with Jon

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Reading Life: February 2020

Reading took a backseat in February, but I still managed to finish a few titles and they were all enjoyable! Hopefully I can keep this streak of good books going into the next month too. This year I’m continuing to keep a physical journal chronicling my reads, and you can check out more photos on… Continue reading Reading Life: February 2020