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WIP Wednesday

It feels weird to keep up my normal blog routine in the midst of the corona pandemic, but here we are… it’s Wednesday again and while we’re trying to self-isolate as much as possible, I’ve had more time to get some crafting done at home. Plus, it’s been a major anxiety-reliever in the midst of all the unsettling news. I hope you’re doing what you can to stay safe and sane during these crazy times!

Dear House cross stitch

I ran out of floss, so this one is at a standstill. While I wait for more to come in the mail, I’ve been reflecting a lot on how grateful I am to live in this safe, happy home of ours. There are times when I wish we had more space or a different configuration, but it is more than enough, and stitching this little saying has made me think a lot on that theme. 

Dear House, you are really very small.
Just big enough for love, that’s all.

Buzzy String cross stitch

Of course I had to start a new cross stitch pattern while I wait for more floss to arrive! I have plenty of options waiting in the wings, but I picked this one for a quick & easy distraction. I’m dreaming of summer days when this pandemic is behind us…

Medallion quilt

Round 3 is done!

The Music City modern quilt guild is releasing a new row each month, and it’s been the perfect pace for me. We’re having a virtual meeting this weekend, so I’ll actually get to attend this month! It’s been a while. 

That’s all for now. Hope you are staying safe!

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