Craft Chat

WIP Wednesday

Wednesday again! Here’s another peek at my current works in progress.  Music City Medallion Sew Along Third round is done! This one was quick, which I appreciated.  … Secret Sewing Not one but two secret sewing projects! Here’s a sneaky peek. … Happy Birthday cross stitch I’ve made a little bit of progress but haven’t… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

Chit Chat

Ten Months with Jon

Jon is ten months old! Per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Ten Months Old Likes: eating new foods, exploring (and tasting) everything – he is into/over/around/under all day long! Dislikes: waiting for food, getting cleaned up after meals, teething, diaper and clothes changes Sleeping patterns: 2 naps a day at 9 AM and… Continue reading Ten Months with Jon

Book Chat

Reading Life: April 2020

April was our first full month of social distancing, wow! We are so fortunate to be so comfortable in our little cocoon, and when I can forget that the world is on fire, there are plenty of things to appreciate during this time at home. Reading a string of escapist books is one of those… Continue reading Reading Life: April 2020