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WIP Wednesday

Wednesday again! Here’s a peek at my current works in progress.

Happy Birthday cross stitch

The central scene is done! So now there is just the border and the rest of the “Happy birthday Jon” message to go. Crossing my fingers it will be done in time for his birthday, because most of my crafting time has gone toward sewing lately.


Face Masks

I’ve slowed down on sewing face masks as the demand on Etsy seems to be decreasing (probably due to retailers like Old Navy, etc. catching up with mass-produced inventory) but I’m happy to make more for family or friends who need them. The process is so familiar at this point that I can churn them out much faster than before.

And as usual, this is the behind-the-scenes of every carefully cropped photo:

Pattern testing

I’m working on testing a new pattern for my friend Emily. She’s forcing me to face my fear of sewing curves, and honestly it’s not so bad if you go slow and “embrace the imperfection.”

Jelly Rainbow Quilt

My birthday present to myself:

The Speckled line by Rashida Coleman-Hale for Ruby Star Society is so much fun, and I can’t wait to get started on this one – free pattern available here!

Just look at those colors!



That’s all for now!


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