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High Five for Friday

Isn’t it weird how you can keep a habit going for years, and then when you skip it one time it becomes so much easier to keep letting it slide? I’ve been doing High Five for Friday pretty consistently since 2013, occasionally missing a week but usually making it up the next week, but I missed the last 3 in a row for no real reason. And then it felt cumbersome to get this one together, but now I’m back on the bandwagon.

While I’m recapping each week, there seem to be so few “big” happy events, but with hindsight it’s easier to see how the small moments accumulate into a life brimming with happiness. I hope you’re hanging in there during the daily grind too, wherever you are & whatever you’re going through!

1. one year old!

2. Family

3. Playing Preschool at home

4. When all else fails, add water

5. Currently reading

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