Dear House cross stitch

A finish!

I really loved working on this pattern, Dear House by Carriage House Samplings, stitched in Weeks Dye Works Midnight floss on Aida fabric.

Cross stitching is certainly not a quick hobby! I started working on this pattern in January 2020 and finished it up in July. Certain projects will always conjure up what I was thinking about or living through during the hours of time I spent stitching, and those seven months of 2020 will always represent a huge shift in perspective. I started the year feeling restless and wanting a big change, but by mid-year I have spent more time with my little family in our house than ever before and I have had plenty of time to realize how GRATEFUL I am that we have a home that serves our needs so well. We are safe and healthy, we have everything we need, and we use every inch of space. Even though I miss all the ways we used to get out of the house, and I’m sad that we are not returning to “normal” yet as I’d hoped we would by now, I recognize that we have the luxury of staying close to home during a pandemic. Those seven months at home felt never-ending, and the pandemic is still raging on, but in hindsight I can see how my feelings toward our home changed from starting to finishing this pattern. And I can’t believe how much my babies have grown and changed in half a year!

A few favorite progress pics:











Happy Thursday!


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