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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I’m checking in with another week update on my current works in progress. Oh Christmas Tree cross stitch I started working on the bottom half of the Christmas tree over the past week. The weather has been beautiful and I’ve been stitching outside whenever I can. I’m making quicker progress than I thought… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Three Years with Amelia

Amelia is 3 years old! There are so many milestones that happen during the first year of life, but even though the “firsts” have slowed down it’s still amazing how much can change in a year! Since Amelia’s last birthday, she’s grown in so many ways: she’s talking, moving, and thinking so much more like… Continue reading Three Years with Amelia

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Three Months with Jon

Jon is three months old! As per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Three Months Old Likes: cooing, smiling, anything Big Sister does, bath time, being held, being rocked Dislikes: being strapped in the car seat too long, belly pain, being left alone for more than 5 minutes Sleeping patterns: 3-4 naps a… Continue reading Three Months with Jon