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2017 Reading Challenge: Second Quarter Update

This year I’ve joined Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge to give me a bit more structure in my reading life, and somehow we’ve reached the halfway point of 2017 already! Let’s check in for a status update on the Reading for Fun challenge, shall we? Checked Off in the Second Quarter: A book recommended by someone with… Continue reading 2017 Reading Challenge: Second Quarter Update

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May 2017 Reading Log

May is always a big month, full of birthdays and graduations and weddings, and this year seemed especially full, with my 30th birthday looming at the end of it. In my reading life, I devoured a few non-fiction parenting books and then completely forgot how to read for most of the month, until I got… Continue reading May 2017 Reading Log

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Book Chat: Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

As you know, sleep training has taken up a large portion of my brain this month, and I have so many thoughts about Ferber’s book (AKA the Sleep Training Bible) that it deserves it’s own post. Let’s dive into some Monday morning book chat! Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems, by Richard Ferber, MD  “Priceless advice… Continue reading Book Chat: Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems

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Sleep Training Success

It’s official: after two full weeks of sleeping 9-10 hours through the night, I think it’s safe to say it’s not a fluke… sleep training worked for us! While I was frantically Googling “first night of sleep training” for reassurance, I wanted to find a blog post somewhere out there that shared the nitty gritty… Continue reading Sleep Training Success

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April 2017 Reading Log

Whew, another full month come and gone… and now it’s May! Which also happens to be the month I turn 30 (yikes!). As the weather warms up, it’s been a treat to fit in more fun stuff to the daily routine, like a play date, bridal shower, garage sales, Easter gardening, a quilt guild meeting,… Continue reading April 2017 Reading Log

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Book Chat: Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours

Happy Monday! It stormed all weekend long and I managed to curl up with a book and a cup of tea during a naptime or two, which puts me in the mood for some book chat. Today’s book would be perfect inspiration for a rainy weekend! Next up… Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours: Patterns and… Continue reading Book Chat: Yellow Owl Workshop’s Make It Yours

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Basket of Books: 6 Months Old

Peek inside Amelia’s basket to see what books we are loving right now! Due to my love of children’s literature (and book hoarding), Amelia had a library of picture books before she was even born. Reading aloud to my baby is something I’ve looked forward to for a long time, so Amelia has been enjoying… Continue reading Basket of Books: 6 Months Old