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Summer Beach Day Cross Stitch: Part 2

Part 2 of the Summer Beach Day cross stitch is done! The second (and final) part arrived mid-July and I was able to finish stitching it up right before the baby shower festivities began over the weekend. I love quick stitches like this one, especially all the cute summery elements like citrus fruits, popsicles, seagulls,… Continue reading Summer Beach Day Cross Stitch: Part 2


Diving Deep… Into My Closet

Alternate title: How to Stretch Your Non-Maternity Wardrobe During a Summer Pregnancy OR: When It’s Too Hot for Pants… And You’re Pregnant Now that I’m officially in the third trimester, my bump is hard to ignore! For the first twenty weeks or so of pregnancy, I was probably the only one who noticed that I… Continue reading Diving Deep… Into My Closet


Summer Beach Day Cross Stitch: Part 1

Part 1 is done! The Summer Beach Day cross stitch (companion to the Autumn Festival) is the cutest! Part 1 arrived in mid-June and it was a quick stitch. I love the sparkly blue fabric and bright summery colors. Each little element was super cute, and I can’t wait to see the Part 2 border… Continue reading Summer Beach Day Cross Stitch: Part 1


City Sights: Birmingham Wedding

We drove down to Birmingham, AL for a wedding this past weekend. The weather was glorious and I broke out the flip flops for the first time this year! We left mid-morning and got to Birmingham about 2 1/2 hours later Our hotel was in downtown Birmingham near Five Points, so we ate lunch around… Continue reading City Sights: Birmingham Wedding


2016 Music City MQG Retreat

Part 2 of the Music City Modern Quilt Guild Retreat: Sewing! Last week I shared the projects I was bringing with me, and today I’m sharing my progress. It was so much fun to see what everyone else was working on… and so inspiring! If you’re on instagram, you should definitely check out the hashtag… Continue reading 2016 Music City MQG Retreat


Planning for Paris…

… Landing, that is. My guild is hosting a quilting retreat at Paris Landing this weekend, and I’m super excited! I’m taking Friday off work, and we’ll have all that afternoon and night, all day Saturday, and one last half day on Sunday to sew like crazy. We’re staying in cabins so it will be… Continue reading Planning for Paris…


Books + Shelves

Living in small apartments since college led to a curated bookcase, but hidden piles of books were usually tucked all over the place. Now that I’m in a bigger house, I’m taking advantage of all that space… finally there’s enough room for all my books! A few recent additions (first furniture purchases for the new… Continue reading Books + Shelves