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Reading Life: May 2019

May was busy busy busy and my reading suffered. But I’m always surprised that I finish anything at all, so I’m still counting two books as win in this season of life. I’m no longer tracking my reading with daily photos, but I started an old school pen-and-paper journal to keep track of what I’m… Continue reading Reading Life: May 2019

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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! To be honest, the last couple weeks haven’t been the best. Nothing terrible has happened but sometimes life just isn’t photogenic… but there are still plenty of moments I’m grateful for, so here’s a peek at the highlights from the past 2 weeks. This week: 1. Movie Night 2. Currently listening 3. End… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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Spring Garden Party Cross Stitch

Today, a double finish to share: not only is the Spring Garden Party pattern all stitched up, it’s actually hanging on the wall! Seasonal projects are always fun to work on because they help me enjoy the current season while slowly making progress one stitch at a time. This one was no exception, and of… Continue reading Spring Garden Party Cross Stitch