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Alabama Adventures

Another edition of Alabama Adventures! I won’t be at home forever, and Amelia won’t be a baby forever, so in the meantime I’m super lucky to be flexible enough to visit my parents for a break in the routine. When my infusions roll around every 4-6 weeks, my parents drive up to watch the baby… Continue reading Alabama Adventures

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Flower Fix

We wrapped up another weeklong visit to Alabama over the weekend, and had to say goodbye to my parents on Easter. I hate goodbyes! Especially after a week of strong coffee, homemade meals, pond views, shopping, and baby smiles; and especially when it’s raining and Amelia’s 6 month shots are due in a few hours.… Continue reading Flower Fix

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An Unsponsored Review of Blue Apron

I’m sure you’ve heard of Blue Apron, or other similar meal services, that deliver food to your door with accompanying recipes. And if you read other blogs or listen to podcasts or follow “influencers” of any sort on social media, you’ve probably seen lots of sponsored reviews and coupon codes. Sure, if someone wanted to… Continue reading An Unsponsored Review of Blue Apron

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Six Months with Amelia

Amelia is 6 months old!   I keep a journal to write monthly letters to Amelia, and of course I need to dump some photos and memories here as well. It is such a joy to watch this little girl grow and learn every day! Six Months Likes: belly kisses, trying new foods, grabbing faces, crinkly… Continue reading Six Months with Amelia

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Book Chat: Portrait Revolution

Monday morning is the perfect time for some book chat, right? Next up…┬áPortrait Revolution: Inspiration from Around the World for Creating Art in Multiple Mediums and Styles, by Julia L. Kay “From doodles to digital, from oils to inks, variety abounds at Julia Kay’s Portrait Party.” Start date: 3/30/2017 Finish date:┬á4/3/2017 Genre:┬áNon-Fiction Format:┬áPaperback Source: Blogging… Continue reading Book Chat: Portrait Revolution