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WIP Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Checking in with another peek at my current works in progress. Oh Christmas Tree cross stitch So, so close… maybe next week I’ll have a finish! … Sewing Again My sewing machine is out of storage and ready to go again! I don’t have a big project in mind yet but I’ve been… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

Chit Chat

Four Months with Jon

Jon is four months old! As per blog tradition, I’m back to sharing monthly updates. Four Months Old Likes: cooing (loudly!), observing life from the carrier sling, smiling all the time, teething toys, watching Big Sister, FaceTime with Gaga (and sticking his tongue out at her!) Dislikes: being hangry, being in the car seat If… Continue reading Four Months with Jon

Book Chat

Reading Life: October 2019

So this may be a new low… only one book read this month?! October felt like a marathon from beginning to end, from Amelia’s 3rd birthday to fall festivities, with two visits from family and a couple weeks of congestion thrown in for good measure. Side tangent: does anyone else feel like Autumn is the… Continue reading Reading Life: October 2019

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2019! I’m happy to keep the bar low this year: Amelia doesn’t want to wear a costume? Good thing it’s rainy today and she loves her ladybug rain jacket. A friend gave me a Where the Wild Things Are onesie but we don’t have a copy of the book? Print out the book cover and… Continue reading Happy Halloween!