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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my Works in Progress! Sweet as Pie SAL cross stitch After finishing up February’s pie, I moved right onto the next. I finished stitching the border during Friday Night Open Sew, then started on March’s grasshopper pie this week. Gotta catch up!   This is one of my favorite needle minders!… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: February 2018

Obviously it’s not February anymore… but I’m catching up on the Sweet as Pie SAL club slowly but surely. The pie for February was cherry pie, yum! The March pie has been released and the (last!) pie for April will be revealed soon. My goal is to finish up this pattern by 31st birthday in… Continue reading Sweet as Pie Cross Stitch: February 2018

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Reading Life: March 2018

The third month of 2018 flew by! I was dreading another medical procedure, but we all survived and my reward was a Spring Break trip with Amelia to visit my parents! I got to enjoy some good books, although I haven’t been reading anything life-altering lately. I’m still enjoying tracking my reading and taking daily… Continue reading Reading Life: March 2018

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High Five for Friday

High Five, we made it to another Friday! I’ve got another twofer coming your way today, recapping the last couple weeks. Happy Friday! 1. Spring Break 2. First independent steps!! 3. New sewing arrangement 4. Cozy dolls 5. Easter eggs 1. Easter egg hunts in the backyard 2. Tiny hair bows! 3. Picnic lunch 4.… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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A New Sewing Room

I’m still alive… still crafting/reading/mothering… just not in the blogging swing of things, sorry! I’m trying to keep this hobby up, but I have to admit I’m lacking in blogging mojo lately. There’s only so much time in the day, you know? Social media seems like an easier and quicker way to share updates, and… Continue reading A New Sewing Room