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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress! Sandy Orton Summer Sampler I finally finished up the “Summer Time” portion and moved onto blueberries and sunflowers. I’m really enjoying the slow but steady progress… and as September nears, I’m getting excited about starting on the Fall sampler too!     … Chalked Paint You… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Paint Chip Challenge: Work in Progress

The Music City MQG is doing another fun project this summer: a Paint Chip Challenge! The goal is to design a mini quilt outside our color comfort zone by using two randomly chosen colors.   Here are the rules (paraphrased from Instagram): You must use your two chip colors (prints are allowed as long as… Continue reading Paint Chip Challenge: Work in Progress

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Meow Monday: A Baby’s Best Friend

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with the kit cats! Amelia tends to steal the show around here, and the amount of photos on my camera roll that feature the cats have dwindled. But as Amelia gets more mobile, she’s interacting with the cats more and more, and of course it’s super cute!… Continue reading Meow Monday: A Baby’s Best Friend

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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Five highlights of my week, coming at you! 1 – Hot Air Balloon Festival. Such a fun and unexpected way to spend a Saturday night! 2 – Nursery Design. I don’t know if I’m entirely ready for Amelia to move down the hall into her own room, but it’s been super fun to… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate

You know how organizers like Marie Kondo tell you to remove EVERYTHING from a closet/drawer/pantry before putting back what you truly want to keep? That’s just what I did last week so we can finally start putting together Amelia’s nursery. Our second guest room has been in limbo ever since we moved in, sometimes used… Continue reading A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate