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#TBT: St. Patrick’s Day

When I worked in a school environment, it seemed like the year revolved around holidays, big or small. If it was President’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day or Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I would be rounding up books and writing lesson plans and looking for activities that would tie into each one. Even after… Continue reading #TBT: St. Patrick’s Day

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TBT: Christmas Eve Traditions

I have such fond memories of reading picture books as the days led up to Christmas (even when I was much too “old” for picture books), but Christmas Eve was always special.  My parents would read our two favorite books every single Christmas Eve: The Little Golden Book Story of Christmas and The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas.… Continue reading TBT: Christmas Eve Traditions

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Anne of San Francisco

I’m still having blogger’s block this week, hopefully I’ll feel more inspired after this weekend!  In the meantime, here’s a weird little list that I started writing a couple weeks ago.  Embarrassing confession: when I’m working out, sometimes I imagine that my favorite book characters are in the room working out too.  I know, I’m… Continue reading Anne of San Francisco

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Blast From My Past: Writers’ Strike

There must be something about spring weather that gives me the urge to purge.  I’ve been turning our closets inside out, crossing off neglected tasks that have been on my To-Do list for months, donating or throwing away anything unnecessary or unused.  But even though space is limited, I can still find room for a… Continue reading Blast From My Past: Writers’ Strike