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Costume Club Cross Stitch Cube Finish

Another finish, just in time for Halloween! I finished stitching this adorable pattern last year but just finished it up last week. I am still loving these super easy cube finishes! I bought a few fun embellishments from JoAnn’s and then gathered all my faux gourds together for a little photo shoot on the front… Continue reading Costume Club Cross Stitch Cube Finish

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Pumpkin Patch Birthday

My little pumpkin turned one last week, and before we get too far away from that day I wanted to share some memories of the day itself. Since we had a little party in Mississippi the weekend before, and we’ll have another little celebration with my parents later this week, the actual day was pretty… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Birthday

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Happy Birthday Cross Stitch Cube Finish

Double whammy today: not only a pattern finish but a finished object! I finished Amelia’s Happy Birthday cross stitch during naptime on her birthday yesterday, and finished the cube last night. I had to wait for daylight to take photos, and here it is! I loved the easy cube finish that I did for the… Continue reading Happy Birthday Cross Stitch Cube Finish

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30 Deep Thoughts on Turning 30

Ha! I wish I was capable of deep thoughts these days but that’s not the “season of life” I’m currently enjoying. Today I turn 30 and I’m grateful to be exactly where I am, entering a new decade with the people I love, even if it means my brain is full of poopy diapers and… Continue reading 30 Deep Thoughts on Turning 30