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Reading Life: November 2018

November came and went, and maybe it’s the cozy weather or maybe it’s the long road trips that come with holiday travel, but it felt like I actually had more time for reading this month, which is always a good thing! I’m still tracking and taking daily photos of what I’m reading, even if they… Continue reading Reading Life: November 2018

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Reading Life: October 2018

I’m not sure what happened to the month of October, but here we are in November already! I felt like I spent the whole month preparing for the next event: Amelia’s birthday, visitors, a new pet, fall weather/activities, a medical procedure and recovery, Halloween, the upcoming holidays, etc. And in between, not a whole lot… Continue reading Reading Life: October 2018

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Reading Life: August and September 2018

All of August passed by as well as September… but even if I didn’t blog about it, I still read a few books. And you know my motto by now: better late than never! Here’s what I’ve been reading during the waning days of summer.   I’m still tracking and taking daily photos of what… Continue reading Reading Life: August and September 2018

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Book Chat: Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch

One of the perks of (past-tense) working in the publishing industry is knowing people behind the scenes of cool new books… especially when your former co-workers are awesome people who still send you new titles that they know you will love! Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch: 30 Daring Designs to Celebrate Daring Women, by Anna Fleiss and Lauren… Continue reading Book Chat: Feminist Icon Cross-Stitch

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Reading Life: July 2018

I expected this summer to be full of lazy days watching my toddler wander from play dates at the park to the pool, but it has been unexpectedly busy; July especially! Between travel and medical procedures and house repairs, I haven’t been on a “normal” schedule for a while, but fortunately, the change in routine… Continue reading Reading Life: July 2018

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Reading Life: May and June 2018

Summer is in full swing and life is busy! It feels like I haven’t been reading (or blogging) as much lately, so I’ve got two months to catch up on today. But as I looked over the last two months, I’ve actually read quite a few books – reading for a few minutes here and… Continue reading Reading Life: May and June 2018

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Reading Life: April 2018

Four months into 2018, it feels like my reading has slowed to a crawl. I’m still reading every day, but often it’s only for a couple moments between bites during breakfast, the last few moments of naptime, or for the the three minutes I can stay awake in bed at the end of the day.… Continue reading Reading Life: April 2018