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An Unsponsored Review of Blue Apron

I’m sure you’ve heard of Blue Apron, or other similar meal services, that deliver food to your door with accompanying recipes. And if you read other blogs or listen to podcasts or follow “influencers” of any sort on social media, you’ve probably seen lots of sponsored reviews and coupon codes. Sure, if someone wanted to… Continue reading An Unsponsored Review of Blue Apron

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Veggie Burgers

During my recent magazine purge, I tore out quite a few recipes to try out. First up, my BFF Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Veggie Burgers. You can find the original recipe here via Food Network Magazine, and below is my slightly modified version Without further ado: The Pioneer Woman’s Black Bean Veggie Burgers   Ingredients:… Continue reading Veggie Burgers

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Super Quick Frugal Tip: Buttered Bread

One tip from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Fast cookbook struck a chord with me… instead of trying to smear cold butter on a warm piece of bread (for toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, etc.), melt the butter in the microwave and use a basting brush to butter the bread. None of the struggle, the… Continue reading Super Quick Frugal Tip: Buttered Bread

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Super Quick Frugal Tip: Cold Brew Iced Tea

I mentioned this super easy tip last week, and I wanted to do a quick post so I don’t forget about it (plus, the image is pretty generic for Pinterest… oh, the horror!) Cold Brew Iced Tea I picked this tip up from The Splendid Table… talk about a eureka moment! All you have to… Continue reading Super Quick Frugal Tip: Cold Brew Iced Tea

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Lazy Lunches for Adults

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re officially in Money Saving Mode now that we’re building a new house. Eating out is where most of our money goes, by far… and even though cooking at home and bringing lunch to work is the obvious solution, it’s a hard habit to break! I’ve been looking to Pinterest (of… Continue reading Lazy Lunches for Adults

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30-Minute Tilapia

Blogging confession: When I’m making dinner, I look up recipes from my own blog instead of digging through my recipe notebook when I need a quick refresher. I’m surprised this one hasn’t already been blogged, since it’s my go-to fish dish ever since I asked my Mom what she does with tilapia and wrote it… Continue reading 30-Minute Tilapia

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Creamy Shrimp with Corn and Bacon

I’m always looking for more easy dinner recipes during the work week… and my main priorities are:  no cutting/peeling/crushing a bunch of ingredients, and as few pots & pans as possible. I flipped through my recipe notebook full of printed recipes and magazine cutouts (circa pre-Pinterest, obviously) to try out this recipe. I was almost positive it… Continue reading Creamy Shrimp with Corn and Bacon