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Turn Toddler Art into Thank You Cards!

Hope you had a meaningful Mother’s Day, whatever that means to you! This year we sent cards to Amelia’s grandmothers and great-grandmother, and since we also had Grandpop’s birthday to celebrate, we needed an idea that could work for any occasion. It’s super easy to turn toddler art into cards… for Mother’s Day, birthdays, thank… Continue reading Turn Toddler Art into Thank You Cards!

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Mississippi Moments

Tis the season for graduations! Yesterday we returned from a quick weekend trip to Mississippi to celebrate two more graduates. We didn’t actually make it to either of the ceremonies (blame the toddler) but we managed to fit in lots of food, family, friends, not one but two baby-free outings (lunch AND a movie!), and… Continue reading Mississippi Moments

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Weekend Adventures

I’m working on my January reading post, so no Book Chat post today, but I’m still reading every day! Instead, a quick peel at life these days! Weekend adventures look a lot different these days with a baby in tow, but now that Amelia is weaned and only taking one nap a day, we’re not quite… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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Giving Thanks

There is a lot to be thankful for this year! We had a great visit with family in Mississippi for Thanksgiving. Taking a step away from normal life and soaking up some unscheduled time with family and friends is always restorative, and this holiday was no exception. Even if Amelia didn’t get as much sleep… Continue reading Giving Thanks