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Happy Halloween!

Amelia is following in my footsteps and meowing in her first cat costume! Over the past month or so, I’ve picked up a few costume accessories from the Target dollar spot for dress-up play, but as soon as I brought the years-old cat ear headband and clip-on tail out of the “Fall decorations” box from… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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Weekend Adventures

This fall seems to be rushing by already, but we squeezed in some seasonal fun over the weekend while my parents were visiting. Sam and I were lucky enough to sneak in a date night (2 in one week!) to see LCD Soundsystem on Friday night, and after a grand day of window shopping and… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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Pumpkin Patch Birthday

My little pumpkin turned one last week, and before we get too far away from that day I wanted to share some memories of the day itself. Since we had a little party in Mississippi the weekend before, and we’ll have another little celebration with my parents later this week, the actual day was pretty… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Birthday

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#TBT Happy Fall, Y’all

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, I woke up on October 1 and realized: it’s Fall! I like to add a few things throughout the house as a nod to each season, so we hunted down the Box o’ Fall from the attic and I was done scattering my fall decor in about 15 minutes… Continue reading #TBT Happy Fall, Y’all

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Fall Craft: Coffee Filter Suncatchers

It’s officially Fall, and we’ve got the foliage to prove it… if not on our trees, at least we have them catching the sun through our windows. In this season of life, I’m learning how to be flexible in so many ways. Sometimes I have to say “no” even when I don’t want to –… Continue reading Fall Craft: Coffee Filter Suncatchers