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A Status Update: Living with a Chronic Illness

I’ve been having a rough time for the past couple weeks. I guess that’s the nature of a chronic illness… there are ups and downs, but it’s never over. I don’t normally like to share too many details about my health online, but it’s definitely a part of my life. Every time I go through… Continue reading A Status Update: Living with a Chronic Illness

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The Verbs of Quilting

The verbs of quilting: Brainstorming, researching, gathering, choosing, measuring, cutting, chain piecing, creating a block, arranging multiple blocks, connecting blocks into rows, connecting rows into one big piece, pressing, sandwiching, basting, quilting, binding. Completing a quilt is a long process of many itty bitty steps and I’ve come to relish every step of the journey,… Continue reading The Verbs of Quilting

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Summer Break

I haven’t posted much in the craft department for the past couple months.  It hasn’t been intentional, I just haven’t had the time to be creative.  After I started working full time again in March, my leisure time for crafting took a plummet.  (Not to mention time to watch E! News every day, or time… Continue reading Summer Break