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Mississippi City Sights: Market Street Festival

We just got back from a long weekend visit with Sam’s family in Mississippi, and we packed a lot of family time, shopping, and playing into four days. Saturday was the annual Market Street Festival, when downtown Columbus is full of art, music, food, kids, and people. Sam’s grandparents live within walking distance, so we… Continue reading Mississippi City Sights: Market Street Festival

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DIY Hanging Kitchen Towels Refresh

Way back in 2011, I made four hanging kitchen towels for my mama. They are still hanging on by a thread (pun totally intended) but they are looking rough these days! Look, I even have photographic evidence: Clearly a refresh is needed! I went back to the same free pdf pattern that I used the… Continue reading DIY Hanging Kitchen Towels Refresh

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TBT: Franklin Farmers Market

Last weekend, we took Amelia to the Franklin Farmers Market for the first time. She hasn’t been sleeping great lately (or ever?) so when she woke up at 6 AM we rolled out of bed, strapped her into the car seat, and arrived at the farmers market in search of coffee. It was a bit… Continue reading TBT: Franklin Farmers Market

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Home Sweet Home: In Progress Part 3

It’s been about a year since my first tour of the new house, and a lot has changed since then! After living in apartments for the first six years of our marriage, the first year that we lived in this house was all about figuring out how to fill in the blank spaces. In year… Continue reading Home Sweet Home: In Progress Part 3

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Meow Monday: Cats of Instagram, Part 30

I haven’t done a Meow Monday in quite a while… the cats have fallen to the bottom of the totem pole and my camera roll (and Instagram!) shows it. So here’s a roundup of the last few cat pics to make it to Instagram… quite the trip down memory lane for a random Monday post.  … Continue reading Meow Monday: Cats of Instagram, Part 30