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Nashville City Sights: Southern Festival of Books

The Southern Festival of Books is one of my favorite Nashville traditions! When we first moved here in 2014, I was super excited to find out about this festival and to see one of my favorite authors, Lev Grossman (again!), to get his latest book signed and hear behind-the-scenes tidbits on the making of the… Continue reading Nashville City Sights: Southern Festival of Books

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3 Super Simple Life Hacks

Sometimes it really is the simplest, easiest fixes that make the biggest difference. Here are three little life hacks that are saving my sanity right now! You can thank my parents for inspiring these hacks – they were all completed during their visit a couple weeks ago. Add it to the mile-long list of things… Continue reading 3 Super Simple Life Hacks

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Meow Monday: Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day! I am just getting back home from a week visiting my parents with Amelia,and today we’re planning on resting up before my parents go back to Alabama tomorrow. Last night we got together with my aunt and uncle who are in town. Amelia loved the company and refused to go to sleep… Continue reading Meow Monday: Happy Labor Day!

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A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

Mission: Colorful, Creative Nursery is officially underway! A few weeks ago, I cleared out the second guest room that’s been moonlighting as my sewing room, in anticipation of finally putting Amelia’s nursery together. (Catch up on the details here!) My friend Sommer has been helping me gather ideas, and she even sent a bona fide… Continue reading A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

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Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair

Last week we visited the Williamson County Fair for the second year in a row. One year makes a big difference!   Amelia was in people-watching heaven. All the kids running around were much more interesting to her than the animals! We stayed up way past Amelia’s bedtime (all the way to 8:30 PM!) eating… Continue reading Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair

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A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate

You know how organizers like Marie Kondo tell you to remove EVERYTHING from a closet/drawer/pantry before putting back what you truly want to keep? That’s just what I did last week so we can finally start putting together Amelia’s nursery. Our second guest room has been in limbo ever since we moved in, sometimes used… Continue reading A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate