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Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair

It’s our third year going to the Williamson County fair, just five minutes down the road from our house. I love this tradition and I think Amelia does too! Last year she loved the people watching and music, and this year she was all about the animals. In three years of going to the fair,… Continue reading Franklin City Sights: Williamson County Fair

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TBT: Valley Forge National Park

I never properly blogged about our quick trip to Pennsylvania in early June, but whether it was recorded for prosperity on the blog or not, it still happened! (Will prosperity ever actually look at this blog? Who knows. But I find myself with a rare moment to blog, so I shall continue documenting.)  My parents,… Continue reading TBT: Valley Forge National Park

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TBT: Radnor Lake

A couple weekends ago, we visited Radnor Lake for the first time since Amelia started walking. Hiking the forest trails and wandering along the crumbling highway by the lake is always a treat, but the experience is a lot different with a toddler! We didn’t get nearly as far and stayed on high alert the… Continue reading TBT: Radnor Lake

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Weekend Adventures

I’ve been procrastinating on starting a new endeavor… so of course I decided to do anything and everything this weekend except the one thing I should be doing instead. Let me count the ways I have procrastinated… We went to the farmers market for iced coffee and donuts (& peaches)… I caught up on some… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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A Colorful, Creative Nursery

My baby may be 18 months old but I finally framed and hung the last of the art for her room… and I’m calling her nursery “done”! I’m not aiming for Pinterest-worthy perfection, but I’m so happy with her cheerful, colorful room that’s just right for reading, playing, and sleeping. I’m sure it will continue… Continue reading A Colorful, Creative Nursery

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Franklin City Sights: Main Street Festival

It’s been a couple years since we’ve made it to the Main Street Festival held in downtown Franklin, but it finally happened this year! We expected the usual festival fare and probably came with a “been there, done that” attitude, but we ended up having a lot more fun than we expected; now that Amelia… Continue reading Franklin City Sights: Main Street Festival