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Reading Life: May 2019

May was busy busy busy and my reading suffered. But I’m always surprised that I finish anything at all, so I’m still counting two books as win in this season of life. I’m no longer tracking my reading with daily photos, but I started an old school pen-and-paper journal to keep track of what I’m… Continue reading Reading Life: May 2019

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Reading Life: April 2019

My reading picked up a bit in April, which felt like an unexpected gift. Vacations no longer mean hours of reading on the beach or during flights, but I’ll take what I can get! I’m no longer tracking my reading with daily photos, but I started an old school pen-and-paper journal to keep track of… Continue reading Reading Life: April 2019

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Reading Life: March 2019

March was quite a month of highs and lows, from a sweet wedding (& first flower girl performance for Amelia) and a visit from family, to nearly three weeks of sickness that wiped me out and put me firmly back in “survival mode” when it came to parenting/house management/etc. including reading! Once again, I only… Continue reading Reading Life: March 2019

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Reading Life: February 2019

February flew by in a flurry, and my reading picked up just the tiniest bit. I’m still in a bit of a rut but I’m trying to just enjoy reading when I can fit it in. I’m no longer tracking my daily reading this year, but I started an old school book journal to keep… Continue reading Reading Life: February 2019

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Reading Life: January 2019

Did you see that meme that went something like “January’s been a tough year, but we made it”? Nothing bad actually happened, but it just felt like such a longggg month around here, from post-holiday limbo to the reality of cold dreary days with plenty of rain (but no snow!) to keep us stuck inside.… Continue reading Reading Life: January 2019

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Reading Life: 2018, Including December

I used to dedicate an entire post to the past year of reading, with statistics and graphs and comparisons to previous years of reading… and even though I let that tradition go, I still feel the need to do something with all the data (and photos!) from my year of tracking my daily reading. But… Continue reading Reading Life: 2018, Including December

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Cheers to 2019!

Happy New Year… three weeks ago! I didn’t intend to take quite such a long blogging break, but I’ve also decided to cut myself some slack and not apologize for it. Life is finally settling back into routine again, and I’m finding time for hobbies once more; even though blogging is one of the first… Continue reading Cheers to 2019!