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Project Pinterest: DIY Watercolor Flowers

I’m not sure what sparked my interest in watercolors lately, but I have a set that I’ve never used before and thought it’d be something fun to learn a bit about.  It’s hard not to let the idea of perfectionism get in my way of just dabbling in something… but hey, that’s why I’m an… Continue reading Project Pinterest: DIY Watercolor Flowers

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Project Pinterest: Strippy Table Runner

I mentioned this strippy table runner in my previous post about Pinterest To Craft inspiration, and now I can finally share the finished product! I pinned this tutorial a while back because it seemed like such a quick and fun project, and it was exactly that! I made this table runner for my BFF’s beach… Continue reading Project Pinterest: Strippy Table Runner

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Owl Always Love You… And a Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! I stitched up this cute little Valentine cross stitch and sent it toward my parents just in time for V-Day.  I popped it in a 4 x 4-inch frame and left the glass out so you can see the texture.  Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery strikes again! I tried out my new Ott… Continue reading Owl Always Love You… And a Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!

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Three Years

Tomorrow is our third wedding anniversary!  I feel like I spend too much time looking at the past, counting up the changes and challenges we’ve faced in the past few years–stressful jobs, moving, cancer, chronic illness, surgeries, moving across the country, job transitions, and now this recent upheaval–and we’re only 25 years old! But didn’t… Continue reading Three Years

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Love Boats

Happy Valentine’s Day! For Sam’s valentine, I made these love boats and surprised him this morning by placing them by his favorite thing–his computer! I got the idea from–where else?–Pinterest!  I found this pin, and used Green Jello‘s blog post tutorial to make love boats: I got a bit stuck, so I used this origami… Continue reading Love Boats