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A Day in the Life: July 2019

Preparing for a new baby is a different ballgame the second time around… you can’t just drop everything and rush to the hospital when there’s a toddler involved!I Luckily my parents will be able to travel here to stay with Amelia, so I’ve been working on lists of contact info, meal ideas, schedules for school… Continue reading A Day in the Life: July 2019

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Two and a Half Years with Amelia

Today Amelia is 2.5 years old! There are so many milestones that happen during the first year of life, but even though the “firsts” have slowed down it’s still amazing how much changes in a matter of months! So I’m trying to check in on half birthdays as well just so I can remember all… Continue reading Two and a Half Years with Amelia

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! If you’re celebrating today, I hope it’s everything you want the day to be; we are visiting Sam’s family in MS and it’s always a good time! We’ll be here all week so I’m taking a little blogging break until the new year. Sending holiday cards is one of my favorite traditions, so… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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Night Night Books

Amelia’s bedtime routine is consistent: after dinner and bath, it’s time to brush teeth, put on pajamas, and read a book. Then there are two rounds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, sound machine on, lights off. We rotated between the same three books every single night for almost a year, but over the past couple… Continue reading Night Night Books