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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! If you’re celebrating today, I hope it’s everything you want the day to be; we are visiting Sam’s family in MS and it’s always a good time! We’ll be here all week so I’m taking a little blogging break until the new year. Sending holiday cards is one of my favorite traditions, so… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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Night Night Books

Amelia’s bedtime routine is consistent: after dinner and bath, it’s time to brush teeth, put on pajamas, and read a book. Then there are two rounds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, sound machine on, lights off. We rotated between the same three books every single night for almost a year, but over the past couple… Continue reading Night Night Books

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Happy Halloween!

Amelia is following in my footsteps and meowing in her first cat costume! Over the past month or so, I’ve picked up a few costume accessories from the Target dollar spot for dress-up play, but as soon as I brought the years-old cat ear headband and clip-on tail out of the “Fall decorations” box from… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! (Almost) every Friday I share Five highlights from the week, in as few words as possible, as a reminder to stay grateful for the big and small moments of daily life. Today I’m serving a double dose to share two weeks’ worth of highlights. This week: 1. MS family time 2. Dogs +… Continue reading High Five for Friday