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A Colorful, Creative Nursery

My baby may be 18 months old but I finally framed and hung the last of the art for her room… and I’m calling her nursery “done”! I’m not aiming for Pinterest-worthy perfection, but I’m so happy with her cheerful, colorful room that’s just right for reading, playing, and sleeping. I’m sure it will continue… Continue reading A Colorful, Creative Nursery

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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress! Sandy Orton Summer Sampler I finished the sunflower! I’m going to finish up the little mason jar underneath, but it seems like I’m coming to a natural stopping point for the summer. I can’t believe the season is almost over and it’s almost time to start… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

Mission: Colorful, Creative Nursery is officially underway! A few weeks ago, I cleared out the second guest room that’s been moonlighting as my sewing room, in anticipation of finally putting Amelia’s nursery together. (Catch up on the details here!) My friend Sommer has been helping me gather ideas, and she even sent a bona fide… Continue reading A Colorful, Creative Nursery Progress

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A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate

You know how organizers like Marie Kondo tell you to remove EVERYTHING from a closet/drawer/pantry before putting back what you truly want to keep? That’s just what I did last week so we can finally start putting together Amelia’s nursery. Our second guest room has been in limbo ever since we moved in, sometimes used… Continue reading A New Sewing Space and a Blank Slate