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Weekend Adventures

I’ve been procrastinating on starting a new endeavor… so of course I decided to do anything and everything this weekend except the one thing I should be doing instead. Let me count the ways I have procrastinated… We went to the farmers market for iced coffee and donuts (& peaches)… I caught up on some… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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Marcelle Medallion Workshop with Alexia Abegg

After the Paint Chip Challenge show & tell on Saturday, we were lucky to have Alexia Abegg share a trunk show of her fabric designs and patterns for Cotton + Steel and Green Bee Designs, plus a workshop to learn how to construct the center block of her Marcella Medallion quilt (& those infamous Y-seams!).… Continue reading Marcelle Medallion Workshop with Alexia Abegg

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WIP Wednesday: Scrap Overhaul

One ongoing project I’ve been working on lately is corralling my stash of fabric. I recently rearranged the guest room closet to make way for more storage, and I bought some plastic drawers to better organize my bigger cuts of fabric by color. I keep anything that’s fat quarter-sized or bigger in the drawers, and… Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Scrap Overhaul

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Christmas Tree Skirt Update!

Now that’s it’s Christmas-time, I can finally use the tree skirt I finished up during the summer! I started it way back in 2010 and it’s sat unfinished all this time, so it’s fun to finally get to use it (for more details on making the tree skirt, see this post.) We don’t have a… Continue reading Christmas Tree Skirt Update!

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Finally Finished: Christmas Tree Skirt

It is nowhere near close to Christmas yet, but this tree skirt is my favorite finish from my UFO pile yet.  And actually, it’s the very last of them… I’ve officially worked through every half-finished project that’s been plaguing my conscience for the last 5 years!  (One of them was actually taken apart instead of… Continue reading Finally Finished: Christmas Tree Skirt

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Finally Finished: Fractured Fish Quilt

Another finish from the WIP pile… woohoo!  Remember this quilt top?  It was one of my very first projects in 2011 when I first started blogging.  I hadn’t quite yet found the online quilting community, but I found this fractured nine patch pattern online and was determined to make a quilt all by myself. I… Continue reading Finally Finished: Fractured Fish Quilt

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Finally Finished: Moving Up Piece by Piece Quilt

Happy Labor Day!  We humans are taking it easy today and the cats are taking a break from their regularly scheduled napping for… more naps.  So instead of a cat update, I’m sharing another finish.  And actually, Cora makes quite a few appearances as you shall see… Remember this quilt top? I worked on it… Continue reading Finally Finished: Moving Up Piece by Piece Quilt

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Quilty Stitches Sampler Along : Barn block

I really didn’t mean to start another sampler… but when I found Little Miss Shabby’s Quilty Stitches sampler along, I just couldn’t resist!  I haven’t been keeping up as well as I’d hoped, but I picked it up again recently… it’s a fun project when I have a bit of time in between other projects. Sixteen… Continue reading Quilty Stitches Sampler Along : Barn block

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No Waste Flying Geese

Recently I needed to make some Flying Geese quilt blocks. (More on why later–but the Christmas fabric used is not a coincidence!)  There are several ways to make Flying Geese, and lot of great internet tutorials, but I found one technique for making “No Waste” Flying Geese that worked great.  Using two squares of fabric,… Continue reading No Waste Flying Geese