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#TBT: Family Yearbooks

In 2012 I made my first “family yearbook” inspired by Pinterest, and that project became one of my most popular posts! I made two yearbooks – 2010 and 2011 – chronicling our first two years in San Francisco. And for 2015, I finally made another! Pics below, but first some Throwback Thursday action. Here’s what… Continue reading #TBT: Family Yearbooks

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TBT: Christmas Eve Traditions

I have such fond memories of reading picture books as the days led up to Christmas (even when I was much too “old” for picture books), but Christmas Eve was always special.  My parents would read our two favorite books every single Christmas Eve: The Little Golden Book Story of Christmas and The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas.… Continue reading TBT: Christmas Eve Traditions

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#TBT: Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now – even the primarily digital publisher I work for has released a coloring book this year. But even before they were popular, I’ve always looked toward coloring and doodling as relaxation. Here’s some Throwback Thursday action for you: In 2010 I found an old copy of… Continue reading #TBT: Adult Coloring Books

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#TBT: Survey Chain Emails

I used to love, love, love those chain emails with questionnaires. In middle school and high school, I would spend hours answering endless questions and email them to all my friends… and then wait to read all of their answers to the same questions… and then repeat the process all over again when another (slightly… Continue reading #TBT: Survey Chain Emails

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#TBT: Polyvore

Isn’t it funny to stumble upon something that you used to be obsessed with, and wonder why?! Years ago, I used to spend hours making outfit collages on… and I can’t quite remember why it was so much fun. Recently I found my old profile account again… And since it’s everyone’s favorite hashtag day, Throwback… Continue reading #TBT: Polyvore