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#TBT Happy Fall, Y’all

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, I woke up on October 1 and realized: it’s Fall! I like to add a few things throughout the house as a nod to each season, so we hunted down the Box o’ Fall from the attic and I was done scattering my fall decor in about 15 minutes… Continue reading #TBT Happy Fall, Y’all

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TBT: Engagement Scrapbook

Every once in awhile I visit my dusty Drafts folder to see what gems I started writing once upon a time and never finished… and usually I delete, delete, delete. A few drafts have lingered over the years, and with my eighth anniversary on my mind, I decided to share the following (very) rough draft… Continue reading TBT: Engagement Scrapbook

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#TBT It’s Fall, Y’all

Happy first day of Fall! It’s still 90 degrees here in Tennessee but that can’t stop me from bringing out the autumn accessories. Some years I distinguish between Halloween and Thanksgiving, but this year I’m just mingling everything together. Pumpkins and spider webs and foliage, oh my!                … Continue reading #TBT It’s Fall, Y’all

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#TBT: Family Yearbooks

In 2012 I made my first “family yearbook” inspired by Pinterest, and that project became one of my most popular posts! I made two yearbooks – 2010 and 2011 – chronicling our first two years in San Francisco. And for 2015, I finally made another! Pics below, but first some Throwback Thursday action. Here’s what… Continue reading #TBT: Family Yearbooks

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#TBT: Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now – even the primarily digital publisher I work for has released a coloring book this year. But even before they were popular, I’ve always looked toward coloring and doodling as relaxation. Here’s some Throwback Thursday action for you: In 2010 I found an old copy of… Continue reading #TBT: Adult Coloring Books

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#TBT: Seasonal Poetry

I had high hopes of sharing all the pics from our trip yesterday… but obviously that didn’t happen… and it isn’t happening today, either! Maybe next week 🙂 For today, how about a little #tbt action? Fall always makes me want to haul out the library lesson plans and crafts again, but I usually settle… Continue reading #TBT: Seasonal Poetry