Happy Thanksgiving from our Thankful Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving! This year we followed @BusyToddler’s lead and made a Thankful Turkey! It took just a couple minutes to make a turkey and feathers out of construction paper, and it’s all held together with painters tape. Every day we talked with Amelia about what she is thankful for and added a new feather to… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from our Thankful Turkey

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Toddler On the Go

We’ve been sticking close to home lately while I’ve been under the weather, but there’s no such thing as a sick day when a toddler is involved. I recently read a blog post on A Beautiful Mess about tips for eating out with toddlers, and the idea of a toddler-sized backpack with a few activities… Continue reading Toddler On the Go

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Starter Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are all over Pinterest, but at 16 months old, I don’t think Amelia is quite ready to be unleashed upon a huge bin of rice. But we’re at a phase where most toys last approximately 2 minutes until she’s onto the next (and the entire toy box has been emptied across the living… Continue reading Starter Sensory Bins