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Nine Years!

Today marks my eighth wedding anniversary! The days may feel long but the years seem to be getting shorter. I recycle some version of this same post every year, but I can’t help myself… so here we go again! In nine years, we’ve… …moved across the country twice …rented three apartments and bought one house… Continue reading Nine Years!

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Into the Jungle Cross Stitch: Toucans

Oops, I did it again… I joined another yearlong stichalong (SAL) club <insert horrified emoji here>. I’m way behind, but the summer months are the perfect time to catch up… now that the sun is setting past 8 PM, I’m spending my time after the toddler is in bed outside with a drink, a podcast,… Continue reading Into the Jungle Cross Stitch: Toucans

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Weekend Adventures

I’ve been procrastinating on starting a new endeavor… so of course I decided to do anything and everything this weekend except the one thing I should be doing instead. Let me count the ways I have procrastinated… We went to the farmers market for iced coffee and donuts (& peaches)… I caught up on some… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! Here’s a High Ten for you – two weeks in a row of highlights in as few words as possible. This week: 1. A reason to celebrate! 2. Travel trooper 3. Valley Forge 4. Friends 5. Summer stitching … Last week: 1. Summer nights 2. Edited & organized 3. Reading these days 4.… Continue reading High Five for Friday