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High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! I’ve been sharing five highlights of my week for five years, and no matter how small the moments may be, they remind me to stay grateful.  1 – Father’s Day. Sam’s first Father’s Day was fun for all, although Amelia didn’t get to enjoy a cupcake. We got to FaceTime with both our… Continue reading High Five for Friday

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TBT: Engagement Scrapbook

Every once in awhile I visit my dusty Drafts folder to see what gems I started writing once upon a time and never finished… and usually I delete, delete, delete. A few drafts have lingered over the years, and with my eighth anniversary on my mind, I decided to share the following (very) rough draft… Continue reading TBT: Engagement Scrapbook

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WIP Wednesday

Another weekly update on my current Works in Progress 🙂 Sandy Orton Summer Sampler Talk about a throwback WIP! To give some background, let’s flash back to a post I wrote in 2010 when I was still living in MS: I have written before about my beloved grandmother’s cross-stitch, her only “win” ever, which now… Continue reading WIP Wednesday

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Citrus Biscornu Cross Stitch

I love sharing finishes, and today I actually have a FFO (Fully Finished Object) to share! I’ve had this Citrus Biscornu pattern from Satsuma Street Designs for a couple years, and I even had button options all picked out for it, but I finally got around to starting it in May.If you’ve never heard of… Continue reading Citrus Biscornu Cross Stitch

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Round Robin Quilt: Round 4

This year I’m participating in my first-ever round robin. The idea is fun: start with a square or strip for the center, then pass it around a group of quilters, each adding to it (borders or blocks or whatever they want) and passing it on to the next person each month, until it makes it… Continue reading Round Robin Quilt: Round 4

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2017 Reading Challenge: Second Quarter Update

This year I’ve joined Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Reading Challenge to give me a bit more structure in my reading life, and somehow we’ve reached the halfway point of 2017 already! Let’s check in for a status update on the Reading for Fun challenge, shall we? Checked Off in the Second Quarter: A book recommended by someone with… Continue reading 2017 Reading Challenge: Second Quarter Update